Trampies program

  • Easy, Fun and Effective exercise on special mini trampolines – Trampies with a great music background and with an expierenced motivating instructor is a new kind of aerobic training.
  • It is a healthy and effective form of aerobic – trampies protect your joints from shocks and stress like no other exercise. Moreover, it is a dynamic, fast and fun exercise, which will provide massive burning of callories.
  • Group aerobic program, which combines elements of music, motivation and positive energy  of every participant and the whole training unit.
  • The avarage burning of callories for each Trampie lesson is 500 – 600kcal.
  • Trampies is one of the most accessible exercises. It is an indoor activity, so you can work out in the rain, wind, summer, winter, at 7 a.m., 9 p.m., etc... You are free to exercise anytime you can and like...