Trampies goals

  • Everyone has their own personal goals. But all the people who exercise have one thing in common: to do something for themselves... – improving their condition, look and especially for overall fitness. And as a bonus we achieve the Euphory – the pleasant state of mind...
  • Trampies (aerobic exercise on special mini trampolines) has its goal in rising physical condition, power, prompitude, immunity, vitality and it is also used as a fun and comfortable way to reduce weight. The goals can be different, but Trampies mostly provide release, relaxation, recondition and time of retirement from work and stress. Trampies also help as a preventation from deseases.
  • Loose weight – most of today´s people have problems with keeping the optimal rate of weight, when the ideal rate of fat in the body weight (10 – 25%) has gone beside the aesthetic and even more important – healthy aspect. This is the desease of 21. century – obesity – we drive a car, work in the office and watch the TV. We are missing such an important thing - movement. Whoever wants to do something for themselves – to look better, be moveable and healthy and feel well, there has not been an easier way before.......Trampies are the best opportunity.
  • Within regular exercise Trampies (exercise on special mini trampolines) – 2 – 4 weekly are  results not just recognisible but also measurable after (4 – 6 weeks). That is, because after 50 minutes of trampies you burn 500 – 650Kcal – what is cca 5 times more then after classic aerobic lesson and you even protect your joints from the useless shocks.