Trampies benefits

Aerobic endurance which is coming up as a effect from the exercise on Trampies (rebounding on special mini trampolines) helps expansion lungs and optimize their capacity and helps to improve blood circulation and vascular system what's got positive effect on function of all life importnant organs and tissues in our body.

Other positive benefit of this aerobic program is loss of body fat. The body is taking the energy (after it consume all the actuall energy from sacharides approximately after 30 minutes of aerobic activity) from the energetic storehouse (fat) in our bodies . That means: we grow slim.

During Trampies lesson is as a part of metabolic system envolved secretion gland,  lymphoglandula and trough the sudoriferous gland secrete the noxious and superfluous substances. In another words – we clean out ourselves by the natural and healthy way.

The lateral desired effect is egestion of endorfines, what brings comfotable feeling of release, comfort, happiness and satisfaction – called Euphory...

The lateral desired effect is egestion of endorfines, what brings comfotable feeling of release, comfort, happiness and satisfaction – called Euphory...
The repetitive, rhythmic motion of rebounding on trampies provides long-term mental and physical health benefits for everyone! It will firm and tone your body, strengthen your heart, improve your circulation, burn calories and fat, revitalize your vision, reduce stress, boost your immune system, reenergize a sluggish lymphatic system, and even slow down aging! Plus, it's easy on your joints, and your back.
Rebounding also relieves headaches, reduces the pain and inflammation of arthritis, improves balance and coordination, and boosts energy levels.

People with physical disabilities:

Rebounding is especially beneficial for people with disabilities. It improves circulation and helps break up blockages caused by inactivity. A stabilizing bar provides security for people who can stand without help.  

People with immune deficiency disorders:

Rebounding's gentleness and its ability to flush the lymphatic system of toxins makes it the ideal exercise for people with immune deficiencies. Not only does rebounding boost the immune system, it also creates a feeling of well-being that extends from the mind to the body.

If you want to lose weight and put some fun into the bargain, think trampies. It's the ultimate, feel-good exercise that zaps calories while toning all your trouble zones — buttocks, arms, chest, abdomen, triceps, biceps, thighs, and calves — all at the same time. Plus, it actually burns more calories per hour than jogging, running, and regular aerobic exercise — without placing stress on your joints.

Rebound exercise can help you cope with life's challenges

Rebounding builds not only body strength, but also the strength of mind, the resilience, and the stamina that can help you handle any challenge life throws at you — physical, emotional or professional — any day of the week. Rebounding releases anxiety and frees your mind from whatever is troubling you. And if you're pressed for time — and what stressed-out person isn't — it's the perfect, quick-fix exercise.

Reduce stress in just 20 minutes a day

Just 20 minutes a day will maximize results, double your efforts and leave you feeling revived, focused, and strong. Plus, rebounding makes you happy — you can't help smiling when exercising on a trampie. And studies show that when people are happy, they’re healthier!

Let’s face it. You can't completely eliminate stress from your life. But rebounding WILL help you cope with it every day!


We know you've heard it all before, but it's true. Rebounding will actually reduce the signs and symptoms of aging. In just 10 minutes a day, rebound exercise will tone and firm your skin, improve its texture, flush out impurities, increase your vitality and vigor, and leave you looking and feeling great.

Here's how it works

When you rebound, every cell—including your skin cells—get a mini-workout. The gentle bouncing motion tones, strengthens and conditions your cells, making each one stronger and more efficient. This not only stimulates blood flow and eliminates harmful toxins, but also cleanses your skin of the fatty deposits that cause skin to sag. Without even knowing it, you're giving your skin a firming, massaging facial every day!

If you're serious about looking and feeling younger, exercise trampies is for you 

  • Improve your complexion
  • Firm and tone sagging skin
  • Promote better overall health
  • Reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • Cleanse your skin of harmful toxins
  • Lower your risk of illness

Don’t wait any longer. Select and purchase your own trampie today and bounce for 20 minutes a day, everyday. In just a few weeks you'll begin to see improvements. Your face will be firmer, your skin healthier, your energy will increase, your confidence will soar, and you'll feel and look great!

Let Trampies exercise give your immune system a boost and improve your overall health

Imagine an exercise that cleans your body from the inside out, one that puts gravitational force to work on every cell while boosting your immune system, encouraging the flow of lymphatic fluid, improving circulation, fighting disease, and more!

Imagine trampie exercise

The average person harbors somewhere between 5-10 pounds of toxic buildup in their body. These toxins slow down your metabolism, depress your immune system, drain your energy, and make you susceptible to colds, flu, or even worse! In addition, if your body is toxic it can't function properly and support the building blocks of your digestion and infection fighting cells.

Trampies: the "miracle" exercise that cleans and strengthens your whole body?

Trampies is often called the miracle exercise. Why? Because it cleans and strengthens every cell in your body, eliminating toxins from the blood, strengthening the cell wall and boosting the activity of infection fighting T-cells.

Here's how it works

Using gravity to apply weight, your cells expand and contract through the upward and downward motion. This gentle "squeezing" movement gives your cells a mini-workout that helps them become stronger and healthier. In addition, the movement opens the one way hydraulic channels of the lymph nodes and allows harmful bacteria, toxins, viruses and cellular debris to be released and eliminated along with your body's normal waste. This makes room for oxygen and essential nutrients to enter your cells and nourish them back to optimum health. Plus, rebound exercise boosts your white blood cell count and can even helps improve immune function in cancer survivors and people with HIV/AIDs!