Are Trampies for me?

  • Trampies is an excercise for everyone – age does not matter – even if you are 12 or 60 years old, no matter how much you weight or what is your actuall fyzical condition – everyone can visit and pass the lesson
  • The Instructors indicate timing, change the choregraphy, combine different exercises with music for the right result so the whole body get really good workout.
  • Trampies workout has a really easy choreography – rebounding on one spot, its origin is in aerobics, it is an easy exercise and it has easy combinations. You do not have to be afraid of having to learn complicated choreographies. You can just simply start with this beautifull and energetic sport.
  • Trampies combine different kinds of exercise on trampies (special modified mini trampolines) and beside trampies, therefore the program provides complete strengthening nad stretching of whole body.
  • Trampies are acceptable for teenagers – it helps to highly affect the developement of lungs and the blood circulation. Trampies improve coordination of movements, condition, balance and it supports sport´s „soul“ and works even as an active prevention from drug consumation...
  • Trampies are acceptable for people who activelly practise aerobic, but they have problems with their joints... the exercise involves rebounding just a few centimeters above the smooth trampoline surface – so it protect your joints...
  • Trampies are very good as an exercise tool for seniors – the handles work as a perfect support so they can practice without fear of injury   
  • Trampies are also used in sports clubs (ice-hockey, football, etc...) for the recovery of athletes after injuries of joints.
  • Trampies are perfect for everyone who wants to loose weight, tone up their muscles, refuel energy and improve the overall condition through a funny and easy way.